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Hua Bai an exhibition hall is officially put into use.
In recent years, Huabai'an Smart Community, Smart Family and Cloud Interphone Business have developed rapidly. Building Interphone Business, A8 Android Products Business, Smart Family Business and...
Hua Bai an won the ten "innovation brand award of the security industry" in 2017.
On December 14, 2017, the Fifth China Shenzhen Intelligent City Construction Summit Forum and the Ten Top Security Industries Forum were co-sponsored by the Security Technology Prevention Management
The close relationship between building talkback and smart city
From high-end villas to more modern new residential areas, building intercom applications have increasingly become an indispensable security equipment in our lives. However, the same seemingly widely.

Intelligent Building Visual Interview, Smart Home and Smart Community Cloud Platform Systems R&D, Production and Sales as a whole, is a cloud platform to provide intelligent system integration and smart community.

It serves computer software companies, Shenzhen and state-level high-tech enterprises.


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