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A8 Android system - P type mobile indoor terminal

The intercom extension is flat and can be handheld; it comes with Bluetooth, WiFi function, and the tablet base has intercom function, tablet charging function and placement function;
Product model:
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Product description
Product parameters

Model: P-type mobile indoor terminal

Display: 7", 1024x600 IPS

Material: ABS case, acrylic panel

Dimensions: flat 198x120x16mm / base 105x105x16.5mm

Operating system: Android 4.4.2 depth customization

The intercom extension is flat and can be handheld; it comes with Bluetooth, WiFi function, and the tablet base has intercom function, tablet charging function and placement function;

Equipped with 7-inch capacitive screen, multi-touch, stylish appearance; Android4.4.4.2 embedded system, all digital TCP/IP protocol;

Indoor extension with 2 megapixel camera, ultra-thin design, cool interface;

The cloud platform provides remote upgrade and maintenance services for devices.

Product parameters
Texture of material:

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