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How can the smart community service platform be profitable?

How can the smart community service platform be profitable?

2018/09/10 14:23
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We usually say smart communities. What exactly is a smart community? Do you understand? The construction of "Smart City" is accelerating, and the smart community service platform is constantly improving. What are its functions? How is it profitable? The following is followed by Xiaobian to uncover the mystery.
Big property companies are transforming in smart communities.
There are two reasons for the scope of service and the business mode of the property company.
The first is the change of service scope.
Traditional property management includes the management of housing construction, public facilities, greening, health, transportation, living order and environment. Excellent smart community big data control platform should be based on traditional property, using the Internet of things + Internet + platform to integrate all kinds of information systems and resources, build a unified community information platform, improve community services, so that property management companies more convenient, more control and more accurate data in time. More efficiency.
The two is the transformation of business mode.
From traditional property to smart community, the change in business model is mainly reflected in four aspects: management focus, management mode, personnel structure and income structure.
1. Change of the focus of management: the focus of traditional property management is on the maintenance and maintenance of housing and supporting facilities, related sites, the maintenance of the environment and order of the community, and the smart community model pays more attention to the needs of the owners, property management has become a process of co-management with the owners, the real service home.
2. Change of management mode and personnel structure: Traditional property management adopts civil air defense management mode, belonging to labor-intensive industries, with more staff and lower skills requirements; intelligent communities use information systems to achieve technical prevention in security, monitoring and other aspects, and higher requirements for managerial skills.
3. Change of profit model: The most direct change from traditional property to intelligent community lies in its profit model. Intelligent community income no longer depends only on property management fees. Property income will mainly come from value-added services for owners and entrance fees of intelligent community.
How to realize the transformation of smart community?
Traditional property companies do not attach great importance to the operation and operation of the community, but with the rise of the Internet economy, more and more community service systems quickly become the driving force of the new economy, then, property companies to transform the smart community has become an inevitable trend. How to play the smart community model? To create a sustainable smart community solution for property companies is the key. To realize the real smart community model, some experts suggest that we should follow three steps: building smart community, building an O2 community platform, and building a service ecosphere.
1. building intelligent community system
To achieve online and offline links, it is not enough to rely solely on mobile phone APP and Wechat. Community O2 must be based on smart communities to achieve. The construction of intelligent community includes hardware and software: the hardware includes intelligent building, microelectronics and network technology, refers to the application of various intelligent equipment and information systems; the software includes the digital platform within the family, the intelligent platform of the community, the establishment of the urban public information platform, mainly refers to. Information technology is used to integrate medical services, e-commerce, public library services, public facilities, fitness, distance education and other resources to meet the needs of the owners from many aspects such as food, clothing, housing and transportation.
2. build community OTO platform
Using the mobile Internet, a community-centered life service platform will be built to provide services to the residents. Community OTO platform can be cut from three aspects: electricity supplier, service and social networking.
E-commerce: including online shopping supermarkets, targeted group purchases, such as in each five-kilometer business circle within the integration of traditional merchants, E-commercialization of traditional merchants, its goods implanted into the community OTO shopping platform; to provide PC, telephone, Weixin, APP and other shopping channels and online payment methods; self-built logistics and distribution team.
Services: including community consulting services, home service, education services, express services, virtual services, and card integration around the merchants and so on.
Social aspects: community social interaction, community WeChat group communication, etc. Through the creation of OTO community platform, gathering popularity.
3., create a service ecosystem.
Building a good service ecosystem is the core of community OTO, and also the bottleneck of community OTO business. The real community OTO should embody the connotation of people-oriented and sustainable development, have the function of Intelligent Community hardware and software, integrate all kinds of OTO platform information, and take community and family as the service background of the ecosphere. The Internet as a channel to provide property services, provide sophisticated services and high-end customization services, so that owners of the community have a sense of belonging and identity, the formation of owners, property, merchants fully involved in interactive, symbiotic and mutually reinforcing relationship, so that the real property into life, improve comfort and happiness. In the smart community solution, smart home enterprises or smart community solutions providers how to target real estate, Internet + fields, and allow developers to transform from selling houses to selling buildings to the operations and business circles of the communities, thus greatly enhancing the competitiveness of developers in the community OTO. The future is not only a huge challenge, but also a delicious cake.
How can we make the smart community chain profit?
Intelligent community is inseparable from the convergence and interaction of all forces, cooperation and win-win, is the basic condition to maintain a good community operation. From four aspects: Yu Zheng, Yu Min, Yu Shang and Yu Wu:
1. Yu Zheng: Intelligent community platform should have a data center, comprehensive control, large data sharing, occupancy rate statistical analysis, public security early warning, floating population control, rental housing management, patrol, information release and other functions, can meet the public security departments of government departments, political and legal committees, comprehensive administration, streets, civil affairs, publicity.
2. Yu Min: The smart community platform can let the owner liberate the access card, realize the handring open, mobile phone open, micro-mail open and other convenient access methods, but also more convenient near-field service.
3. Business: Platform and wireless building intercom products to all the channel agents are a little bit more than the cost of price strategy, profit to channel providers and partners, by increasing the amount of profit.
4. Material: Intelligent community platform to achieve integrated management and control functions, so that the property through a map to achieve full functional services through, and wireless building intercom access control products can help reduce the cost of property renovation, but also with the property of the micro-letter to open the door, increasing customer stickiness.
Conclusion: According to the actual situation, the transformation and upgrading of intelligent community service platform can better adapt to the development of the times and serve people.
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