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The close relationship between building talkback and smart city

The close relationship between building talkback and smart city

2018/09/07 16:38
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From high-end villas to more modern new residential areas, building intercom applications have increasingly become an indispensable security equipment in our lives. However, the same seemingly widely used equipment, but also inadvertently fell into a security equipment often enter the cycle - serious homogenization problem.

With the wide application of building intercom, the development level and rhythm of building intercom have been brought to a higher level. So in such an atmosphere, building intercom can be said to usher in their own unprecedented development situation. From the traditional old-fashioned talkback to the later network and even digital equipment. Buildings in just a few years ushered in a triple jump has never been before, and this has also brought a very sufficient impetus to the development of building intercom.
However, these powers are not foolproof, and can even be maintained for a long time. And its biggest threat is the homogenization that is often mentioned in the field of security.
Nowadays, although there are obvious divisions in the technology of building intercom. However, in practical applications, most products do not seem to have much change in functionality, except that they accomplish performance differences with other devices by virtue of working principles and technical characteristics. As a result, this leads to many different types of technology but similar functions. Such a situation will naturally consume more users' recognition and patience.
More and more professional building intercom manufacturers have begun to penetrate into the field of smart home, integrating digital intercom system with smart home system. This attempt not only greatly strengthens the interoperability of building intercom, but also brings about the expansion of functions for both smart home and intercom itself. Tremendous room for play.