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Hua Bai an won the ten "innovation brand award of the security industry" in 2017.

Hua Bai an won the ten "innovation brand award of the security industry" in 2017.

2018/09/07 16:36
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On December 14, 2017, the Fifth China Shenzhen Intelligent City Construction Summit Forum and the Ten Top Security Industries Forum were co-sponsored by the Security Technology Prevention Management Office of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau, Shenzhen Intelligent Security Industry Association and Shenzhen Security Industry Standards Alliance. The new brand award ceremony was held in Shenzhen grand China Sheraton Hotel.

At the award ceremony, Huabaian was awarded "Top Ten Innovative Brands of Security Industry in 2017" by virtue of the latest development and market-acclaimed cloud intercom system solutions.
It is reported that the selection activities from the primary election to online voting to expert evaluation, lasted three months, received more than 200 security enterprises in more than 20 cities nationwide registration information, the main Committee of the evaluation committee selected high-quality enterprises, Huabaian company as a building intercom system accumulation and precipitation of more than 10 years of enterprise At the scene, more than 500 friends from the security circles won the award.
Shenzhen Huabaian Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. integrates the R&D, production and sales of intelligent building visual intercom, smart home and smart community cloud platform systems. It is a computer software enterprise, Shenzhen and state-level high-tech enterprise providing intelligent system integration and intelligent community cloud platform services. The cloud chat system solution developed by the company has the following innovations:
1, advanced technology: the main engine uses the first domestic body technology, pure aluminum die casting and anodizing. It overcomes the defects of surface hardness and wear resistance of aluminum alloy, enlarges the application range of the main engine and prolongs the service life. It is more suitable for old renovation projects and installation of urban villages.
2. Easy to install: Different from the traditional building intercom, the cloud intercom system completely abandons the indoor devices, and adopts the system architecture of "cloud intercom unit doorway + cloud platform + mobile phone APP", which solves the disadvantages of poor stability of the traditional entrance guard, high maintenance cost and remote control. It does not require complicated wiring, greatly saving installation and maintenance costs, cost only one tenth of the traditional building intercom products. It is the perfect solution for the intelligent transformation of old communities.
3. A variety of identification modes: the cloud intercom host can not only directly call the user's mobile phone APP, but also include the traditional IC access card, or fingerprint and face recognition, a variety of identification modes, to ensure that users at any time and anywhere can be unimpeded.
4. Intelligent Change of Traditional Functional Machines: Traditional building intercom products are only used as tools to open doors, while Huabaian's cloud intercom mainframe comes with a large HD LCD screen, which can broadcast various public and commercial advertisements. Mobile APP has multiple functional modules, which is an important part of smart community operation.
Huabaian adheres to the "smart community" field of steady play, always from the market demand-oriented, with an open concept of cooperation and agile market network, help in the construction of smart cities, smart communities, smart home and other fields, to provide people with high-quality security enjoyment in life.