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Hua Bai an exhibition hall is officially put into use.

Hua Bai an exhibition hall is officially put into use.

2018/09/07 16:33
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In recent years, Huabai'an Smart Community, Smart Family and Cloud Interphone Business have developed rapidly. Building Interphone Business, A8 Android Products Business, Smart Family Business and Cloud Interphone Business have been established in succession.
In order to better display the company's building intercom, A8 Android products, smart community platform and smart home business, Huabai'an company in Shenzhen Nanshan Science and Technology Park headquarters vacated nearly 200 square meters area for multi-purpose exhibition hall.
The exhibition hall integrates product and scene display into two parts:
1, smart community platform / building Talkback products
2, smart home / smart home
The smart home area also includes the study, living room, bedroom, toilet and other new Chinese style scene display, has been fully put into use.
The study has intelligent induction lamp, when no one lights off, someone close to automatically turn on, but also according to the size of natural light environment automatically adjust the size of light and color temperature.
Intelligent robot Alpha, the whole process for your intimate service, you can voice control fresh air system, intelligent lighting system, electric curtain and other smart home equipment.
Management Platform: Huabaian R&D team devotes itself to creating a video entrance guard management platform, including cloud intercom management platform and comprehensive management platform. All entrance guard and monitoring equipment in urban villages can be managed on-line. Face capturing, networked public security platform, blacklist monitoring can make the video entrance guard system truly implemented for smart cities. We have laid a solid foundation for building, building smart communities and building security systems.
Product Area: The company's building intercom products, A8 Android products, cloud intercom products have been the best display here, clear, refreshing.