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After-sale service
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Shenzhen headquarters: 18033052010
North China region: 18033052052
Central China: 18033052038
Southern China region: 18033052029
1, site site technical guidance - appoint professional engineers on-site guidance training. We divide the field service into five stages: A, B, C, D and E.
A stage -- coordination and guidance before the project site.
B stage -- Planning and arrangement of wiring on site, and wiring guidance.
C stage - vertical part of equipment installation and commissioning service guidance.
The D stage is part of the horizontal networking equipment installation and system total adjustment service guidance.
E stage - failure analysis and troubleshooting service after project acceptance.
Note: Our salesmen assign technicians to provide the above five stages of technical guidance services according to the size and difficulty of the project, but not limited to these five services. Site services are divided into paid services and free services.
2. Bad goods maintenance service-system equipment in the use of the process, there are bad goods, we provide maintenance services. Maintenance service can generally be completed at the nearby overseas maintenance service station, for more complex maintenance, bad goods must be sent back to Shenzhen headquarters to complete.
Headquarters Maintenance Service Station Contact Telephone: 18033052010 Contact Address: Shenzhen Nanshan Science and Technology Park South District Shenzhen Digital Technology Park B2 Building 4 A
North China Maintenance Service Station Contact Telephone: 18033052052 Contact Address: 12-2-502, South New Court, Old Palace, Old Bridge Road, Daxing District, Beijing
Central China Maintenance Service Station Contact Telephone: 18033052038 Contact Address: Wuhan Hongshan District Xiongchu Avenue Chukang Road Poly-Lafei 8 1805
Southwest Maintenance Service Station Contact Telephone: 18033052068 Contact Address: Kunming New Asian Sports City, Kunming Guandu District, Yunnan Province
Description: during the warranty period, we provide free maintenance service for defective products. The maintenance cost exceeds the warranty period.
3. Engineering Maintenance and Maintenance Services - for the use of our products for the project, generally by the construction side of the organization of engineering maintenance and maintenance services. However, due to various reasons, some property managers contact us to provide engineering maintenance and maintenance services, we can provide the relevant services under the guidance of the engineer, such services are generally charged a cost.