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Consulting service
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1. Ask: We would like to establish a long-term partnership with your company, or become your agent, how to do?
A: We are very glad to establish a solid and stable cooperative relationship with you, but the establishment of such a relationship requires mutual understanding and consensus. We suggest that you first contact our sales regional manager or channel development department, arrange mutual visits and communication, discuss details of cooperation, complementary advantages, and achieve a win-win cooperation framework.
2, Q: do you have any hard conditions or targets to become your agent?
A: We believe that the goal of cooperation is win-win, so we are convinced that imposing any conditions and indicators that do not conform to this goal is useless. However, local social resources, excellent market development ability and corresponding technical and economic resources will give you a comparative advantage in the fight for agency.
3. Question: We are going to undertake the weak current intelligent project of a building. We are choosing the manufacturer. What technical support can you provide?
Answer: Please read the "after-sales service" page on our website in detail. We will provide you with five stages of comprehensive technical support and service, to solve any technical problems in the use of our products, so that you have no technical worries. Our service items are generally free, and specifically need to be coordinated with sales staff.
4, Q: what is the quality of your products? What is the repair rate?
Answer: Huabaian products are different from many OEM brands in the industry. We are the original factory of high-end building intercom products. All of our products adopt proprietary technology, advanced production technology, strict quality standards and quality control process. The on-line through rate is over 95%. Statistical data in 2009 show that the repair rate of the products shipped by our company is under 0.8%, and shows a downward trend year by year. That is to say, there will not be more than 8 indoor extensions in the 1000 households.
5, Q: what is the price level of your products?
Answer: Huabaian products research and development, production and marketing on their own, without paying third-party technology use fees, processing fees, in this piece has a cost advantage. Of course, the core components of our products are military grade, the products are strictly controlled by quality, and provide quality after-sales service and other reasons, resulting in this part of the cost, so the overall price of Huabaian products is in a reasonable level, in the middle of the peers. Some very low-priced products are simply cheap devices, or cost-effective quality control, or simply do not provide after-sales services.
6, Q: how to contact your company?
Answer: Our sales are under the responsibility of regional managers. You can contact our branches or offices to contact the sales managers in your area. If you contact our customer service staff, they are not responsible for product sales, but will quickly forward your information to the corresponding sales manager, they will take the initiative to contact you.