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Recruitment Information

Job title: Android Engineer


Job requirements:

1. Major in computer science and technology, software, communication engineering, college degree or above, more than two years of Android development experience, good software testing experience;

2. proficient in Java language;

3. familiar with Android development framework and API call;

4. familiar with Android platform UI design, familiar with common layout;

5. strong documentation and design capabilities;

6. proficient in object-oriented design and familiar with common design patterns;

7. Strong acceptance of new technology, programming mode thinking, strong learning ability, communication skills and teamwork spirit;



1. Cooperate with the design and test team to improve the software user experience, running and communication speed and function.

2. debug and solve problems found in system testing.

3. cooperate with other departments to provide product related technical support;

4. write technical documentation and participate in validation of technical solutions.

5. other tasks assigned by superior.


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